Horticulture Important Facts

Horticulture Important Facts

  1. Edible part of Cauliflower is Curd
  2. Blanching is an important process of Cauliflower
  3. Whiptail of cauliflower id due to Mo deficiency
  4. Pusa ruby is a variety of Tomato
  5. Swarna roopa id the early variety of Litchi
  6. Pajaro is the variet of Strawberry
  7. Bolero is the variety of Marigold
  8. Richest source of vitamin C is Barbados cherry
  9. Largest importer of cut flower in the world Germany
  10. The dwarf variety of mango Amrapali
  11. California Papershell is the varity of Almond
  12. Fruit of rose is known as Hips
  13. Fruit of okra is a Capsule
  14. Coconut fat is a rich source of Lauric acid
  15. Coconut is Propagated by Seeds
  16. Mango is mostly propagated through Veneer grafting
  17. Inflorescence of Cauliflower is known as Cyme
  18. Inflorescence of cabbage is known as Cat ken
  19. Black heart of potato is due to O2 deficiency
  20. Pusa snowball is the variety of Cauliflower
  21. India’s share in the production in the world is 10%
  22. Development of fruits without fertilization is called Parthenocarpy
  23. Development of fruit without fertilization is known as Apomixis
  24. Oleoresin is an important product of Chilli seeds or spices
  25. Kesar ( Saffron ) belong to the family of Iridiceae
  26. Concentration of sugar is used for preservation is 60-70%
  27. Mango variety Suitable for high density Planting is Amrapali
  28. Most salt tolerant fruit crop is Date palm
  29. Fruit repining hormone is Ethylene
  30. A form of low pruning up to 2 m height of stem is called as Pollarding
  31. Early variety of ber is Gola, Seb
  32. Planting season of deciduous plants is Jan-Feb
  33. The variety of date-palm is used for dry dates ( chhuhara ) Medjool, Sagai
  34. Generally fruits are in Acidic nature
  35. Baradari is an important feature of Mughal garden
  36. The fruit of pine apple is known as Sorosis
  37. Which crop is propagated by means of bulbils ( clove ) Garlic
  38. Edible banana fruit is Seedless because of Ambryo abortion
  39. Multistoried cropping is popular in Coconut Plantation
  40. Which is the late ripening cultivar of ber Umran
  41. The exclusion of micro organism is known as Asepsis
  42. Production of vegetables out of their normal season ( Off season ) is known as Vegetable forcing
  43. Alphanso variety of mango is grown in Maharashtra
  44. The chemical preservative used for colorless fruits is KMS
  45. Shade loving annual flower plant is Salvia
  46. The commonly cultivated variety of table pea in India is Bonneville
  47. Crescent is well known for Flower management
  48. Saffron is obtained from Style and Stigma
  49. Grapes are generally dried in Sun
  50. Sago ( Sabudana ) is Prepared from Roots of Cassava / Ttropica
  51. Feni ( drink ) is prepared by Cashew, apple & Coconut
  52. Cider is prepared by Apple & Pear
  53. Tea is commonly propagated by Soft wood cutting
  54. Origin place of Date palm is Iraq
  55. Spacing recommended for Pusa nanha variety of papaya is 1.25 x 1.25 m2
  56. Maxm litchi producing state is Bihar
  57. Onionvariety which is sutable for Export & having yellow color Phule suwarna
  58. The hard fruit of citrus are due to the Boron deficiency
  59. Leaves of Bael have religious importance and used to offer Lord Shiva
  60. Causal organism of Fig rust is Cerotolium fici
  61. Peach Leaf curl is caused by fungus Taphirna deformens
  62. Sanjos scale is the most serious pest of Apple
  63. Kent is the mutant variety of Coffee
  64. Rekha, Swarna rekha & Rajjat rekha are the varieties of Tuberose
  65. Fruits which have polyembryonic nature are Mango, Citrus, Jamun
  66. When pollination is carried out by insects is known as Entomophilous
  67. Pollination in mango is carried by House flies
  68. Pollination in fig is carried by Fig Wasp ( Blastophaga Pens )
  69. Pollination in oil palm is carried by Weevil ( Elaeidobious )
  70. Center of origin of Isabgol and sarpagandha is India
  71. Centre of origin of Bael, Phalsa and Kagzilime is India
  72. Origin of orchid is India
  73. Double century is the variety of Coconut
  74. Finest fruit of the world Mango Steen
  75. Dioecious fruit plant are Papaya, Date palm
  76. Gynodioecious fruits Fig, Papaya
  77. Pollu Beetle ( Longitarsus nigripennis ) is the pest of Black pepper
  78. Pest of Sweet potato Weevil Cylas Formicarius
  79. Pusa chikni is a verity of Sponge gourd
  80. The clove required for planting garlic/ha is 500kg
  81. Cucumber is native of India
  82. Water melon is native of Tropical Africa
  83. Sponge gourd is Luffa Cylindirica
  84. Most serious disease if rose flower is Die back
  85. Tissue culture is common in Orchid
  86. Annual flower of Indian origin is Gomphrena
  87. Popular climber of Indian origin is Gloriosa superba
  88. Annual flower suited for planting in shade is Cineraria
  89. Karonda is richest source of Iron
  90. Maroon is the variety of Karonda
  91. Powdery mildew disease in mango is caused due to Odium mangiferae
  92. Napthalene acetic acid ( NAA ) is used in mango to control Mango malformation
  93. Vegetable which is known as multivitamin greens Chekurmanis
  94. In which flower arrangement fruit, flower & foliage is used Morimona
  95. Clove commonly used spice is obtained from which part of the plant Flower
  96. High temperature induces which type of flower in bottle gourd Male
  97. Planting system which accomodates Maximum number of plants in the orchard Filler system
  98. Cricket ball and Murrabba are the popular variety of Sapota
  99. Scarlet gold and Red fuzi are the high yielding variety of Apple
  100. The chemical used to prevent Sprouting during storage of onion is MH ( Maleic Hydrazide )
  101. Rayan rootstock is most accepted for commerical propagation of Sapota
  102. Most Promising rootstock for Mandarins and Sweet potato is Rangpur lime
  103. Tea mosquito bug ( Helopeltis antonii ) is a pest of Cashew
  104. Coffee berry borer ( Hypothenemus hampei ) is a serious pest of Coffee
  105. Trimming ( removal of undesired plant parts ) is generally done in Rose and Marigold
  106. Bromalin enzyme is obtained from Pineapple
  107. Aroma in fruit due to presence of Esters
  108. Acid content is a very important consideration for the preparation of Jam
  109. Domestic quarantine in India exist for Sanjose scale
  110. Upper part of stem for grafting is called Scion
  111. In onion bolting takes place due to Low temperature ( except N-53 )
  112. Hand pollination is most useful in Date palm
  113. Highest source of energy in Walnut
  114. Hogarth curve is also known as Lime of beauty
  115. Orchid is propagated by Micropropogation
  116. Fruit of new world is Avacado
  117. Most important fruit used in processing industry in India Pine apple
  118. Pagoda is a name of Japanese monument
  119. Red color in jelly is due to Charring of sugar
  120. Vista vision is a theme for Landscape
  121. Vegetable crop whose all parts are edible Winged bean
  122. Sex form of pointed gourd is Dioeciouse
  123. Primitive sex form of cucumber is Monoecious
  124. The best site for the seed production of temperature type varieties of vegetables is Hills
  125. Edible part of lettuce is Leaf
  126. Edible part of parsley is Leaves
  127. Edible parts of celery is Leaf stalk

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