(BM231) Agriculture Marketing, Trade and Prices ( BM231 )

(BM231) Agriculture Marketing, Trade and Prices ( BM231 )

Agricultural Marketing: Concepts and Definition, Scope and subject matter, Market and Marketing: Meaning, Definitions, Components of a market, Classification. Market structure, Conduct, performance. Marketing structure, Market functionaries or agencies, Producer’s surplus: Meaning, Types of producers surplus, marketable surplus. Marketed surplus, importance, Factors affecting Marketable surplus. Marketing channels: Meaning, Definition, Channels for different products. Market integration, Meaning, Definition, Types of Market Integration. Marketing efficiency: Meaning, Definition, Marketing costs, Margins and price spread, Factors affecting the cost of marketing, Reasons for higher marketing costs of farm commodities, Ways of reducing marketing costs. Theories of International Trade: Domestic Trade, Free trade, International Trade, GATT, WTO, Implications of AOA. Market access, Domestic support, Export subsidies, EXIM-Policy & Ministerial conferences. Cooperative Marketing. State Trading. Ware Housing Corporation; Central and State, Objectives, Functions, Advantages. Food Corporation of India: Objectives and Functions. Quality Control, Agricultural Products, AGMARK. Price Characteristics of agricultural product process, Meaning, Need for Agricultural Price Policy. Risk in Marketing: Meaning and importance, Types of Risk in Marketing. Speculations and Hedging, Futures trading, Contract farming.


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